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Dell Technologies Multi-Cloud Foundation provides communications service providers with a platform-centric solution based on open Application Programming interfaces and consistent tools. This means the platform can deliver outcomes based on a unique use case and workload and then scale out deployments using an API-based approach. You need a custom software development team – we can help by giving you an experienced custom software development team. His passion for evolving technology realm and a deep interest in operations and sales inspired him to start a software engineering services company that could offer the most innovative digital solutions to fuel growth for its clients. Puneet loves to spend his day reading, exercising, and exploring different places.

telecom solutions development

Further, users increasingly share high-quality digital data, such as videos, photos, and music. All of these factors, along with the increasing use of satellite communications, contribute to the emerging telecom trends with innovation in connectivity technologies. Invoice and payment trackers – It is challenging for providers to bill telecom clients if there is no system to track payments, invoices, and other financial documents. It is highly recommendable to include a feature like this among your telecom software solutions to avoid fiscal issues.

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In many cases, telecom software is developed by external vendors in a walled fashion where Communication Service Providers have little visibility into the development process. While the wireline providers were still popular, a major change over has rocked the industry and that is the initiation of wireless service providers. Service providers provide both local as well as long-distance phone calls through a wireline.

telecom solutions development

The startup aims to improve security for connected and autonomous vehicles, smart city services, electrical grids, and banking networks. The solution provides hardware authentication using a decentralized cryptographic protocol. Angoka’s solution also enables silicon devices fingerprinting based on their physical properties, which then allows for generating cryptographic keys and secure device identity. They produce both simple and advanced vehicle tracking devices, aimed at creating an intelligent transport system to optimize existing public transport infrastructure. Additionally, M2Cloud produces wall-mounted sensors, both ultrasonic and infrared, for measuring body temperature.

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Being able to accept payments in a convenient, seamless, and protected way is crucial for any business. Armed with the value case, current baseline, and improvement levers, a telco should set specific actionable targets for each step in the value chain. BCG studies have shown, for example, that young consumers are willing to pay a 10% premium for green telco products. German startup FiSens manufactures Fiber Bragg Gratings sensors for measuring strain, temperature, and pressure. The startup leverages the FBG effect, which allows creating chains without breaking fiber optics for data transmission.

EPAM Startups & SMBs was designed with the client’s security and developers’ comfort in mind and proved to be an extra convenient cooperation tool for both sides. Armed with the value case, current baseline, and improvement levers, a telco should then set specific actionable targets for each step in the value chain. Intellias is perfect for telecom carriers striving to deliver value and wanting to create and implement their own unique digital transformation strategy. As one of the leading telecom service providers, Intellias offers end-to-end service packages to support each stage of your digitalization journey.

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EPAM Startups & SMBs connects you with software engineering professionals who proved their expertise on projects with telecommunications industry leaders. Weak customer service – Clients should always be a priority because they represent income. There are many telecom software development services to choose from; therefore, competition among telecom companies is fierce. Creating a quality shopping experience by providing leads and users an online personal customer service will make your company stand out.

telecom solutions development

Software telecommunication services include a wide range of solutions that help businesses enter the global market and bring their products to a broader audience. The most popular solutions are mobile apps, web platforms and services, e-commerce solutions billing, streaming service, etc. The desire to decrease operational costs, gain flexibility, avoid workloads hyperscaling, etc., made numerous telecommunications companies search for ways that would bring all these benefits to them. Cloudification became one of the most popular and reliable solutions that telcos are eagerly adopting to stay afloat in a fast-changing reality. Our specialists help telecom businesses migrate from their on-premise infrastructures into the popular cloud ones, such as AWS and Microsoft Azure, as well as a private cloud. We ensure companies can fully transform their businesses, become agile and compatible.

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For example, Google applies machine learning using neural networks to predict and then optimize energy consumption at data centers. Energy and CO2 Intensity.This dimension measures scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions in terms of energy intensity, e.g., comparing emission totals to IP data traffic (gigajoule/exabyte). The telco industry has a significant opportunity to reduce its energy intensity by upgrading to 5G. According to BCG analysis, this upgrade will eventually reduce energy consumption of its mobile networks by 70% per gigabyte.

  • While most telcos don’t report a standard carbon abatement factor yet, many say this is a goal.
  • So, if you truly want to stand out among your competitors, bring superior tools to your customers, and ensure the best workflow for your employees, then you need to sophisticate your digital environment.
  • Because the industry changes just when you thought you knew all about it, owners and employees must adapt to new technologies and the constantly changing environment.
  • Cloud Backend’s architecture is also suitable for enterprises expanding or optimizing their networks and systems.
  • The next 12 months look set to be a bumpy year for many global markets, and communications service providers will not be entirely insulated from the volatility.
  • Virtual or hosted PBX switches, customized SIP clients, VoIP-based services, bandwidth analysis, performance monitoring, and cloud-based or on-premises provisioning systems are one of the few solutions for telcos offered by our experts.

Telecom software development is a constantly growing industry as well as FinTech software development. The main reason is that the telecom industry helps companies to go global, increase their audience, and bring the services that customers want. It is all about globalization, which wouldn’t be as rapid as it is without the advanced communication technologies.

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Development and maintenance of custom business solutions, like billing systems, customer interfaces and portals, CRM systems, and data gathering and analysis for future updates. The main advantage is solving a particular company’s issues, increasing productivity, efficiency, and customer experience. CSP Industry is wide and includes service providers offering Telecommunications carrier, content and applications service provider, cable service provider, satellite broadcasting operator, and cloud communications service provider. Some of the renowned players in the industry are AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Comcast, Time Warner to name a few. According to the client’s request, an outdated PHP-based solution was transformed into a full-fledged one with the help of Angular 5.

telecom solutions development

Please specify the details below so that we can assess your solution development project. Check out the opportunities, top use cases and key benefits of the internet of things for telcos and its impact on the industry as a whole. We found working with EPAM has been a true partnership, where they’ve proven themselves to be a reliable, trustworthy and hardworking team that has really digital media software helped us push the boundary of customer-centric innovation. See moreChannel Solution DevelopmentAndersen’s team has built multiple effective web apps for telcos. We know what makes Telecom special and how to implement workable channels for it. Circular Economy and Waste.Besides carbon emissions, waste is the second major factor contributing to any telco’s environmental footprint.

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We follow a very detailed process described briefly below to provide our clients with high-quality telecommunication software development and other services for telecom companies. Since consumer demand for efficient and reliable services is rapidly growing, the implementation of an omnichannel strategy is what telecom providers should opt for. The 3 custom services described above cover everything you need related to telecommunications. Working with the Top 1% of Tech Talent allows us to provide you with the services you need to scale up your company’s communications.

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