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TeamCity displays a warning if a rule of a VCS Trigger or Schedule Trigger references a VCS root which is not attached to any build configuration. The build script can be tuned to print less output if this inspection fails frequently for some build configuration. Large Build Logs (more than 200 MB by default) can reduce the server performance as they could be too heavy to parse and are hard to view in the browser. TeamCity will warn you if the server currently uses the internal database. If Tomcat is configured to use the BIO connector, the WebSocket protocol is automatically disabled. It is recommended to change the Tomcat Connector settings to use the NIO connector.

Each commit is followed by an automated build to ensure that the new changes integrate well into the existing code base and to detect problems early. It allows developers to integrate, code, and is easier to configure with simple steps. On TeamCity parallel builds run simultaneously on different platforms and environments.

Critical Security Issue Affecting TeamCity On-Premises – Update to 2023.05.4 Now

Then, you can click on the build chain from the Pipeline overview page to investigate the pipeline in more detail. We can see from this chart that the CPU usage is 100% almost all the time. It’s probably worth investigating if the build agent could benefit from a CPU upgrade. Collect TeamCity server and build agent logs in an archive and put them under properly secured storage.

It is equal to the maximum number of authorized agents in your installation. This way, if you have 10 agent licenses, you can run in parallel up to 10 agents plus up to 10 agentless builds. If the limit is exceeded, a build won’t be able to detach from its agent until some of the running agentless builds finish. The config/_trash directory is not cleaned automatically and can be emptied manually if you are sure you do not need the deleted projects. It’s advised to try a new TeamCity version before upgrading your production server. The usual procedure is to create a copy of your production TeamCity installation, then upgrade it, try the things out, and, when everything is checked, drop the test server and upgrade the main one.

TeamCity 2018.1 Help

The general recommendation is to use parameter references for root settings, thus optimizing the amount of VCS roots. You can define values for VCS root settings or use parameter references to various parameters defined at different levels. In case of any problems preventing WebSocket connection from working, a warning will be displayed. TeamCity will automatically switch to the legacy update mode and you will be able to continue using TeamCity in this mode. Health items cover a wide range of server functionality to allow administrators to easily monitor the TeamCity overall status.

HTTPS-related configuration of the proxy is not specific for TeamCity and is generic as for any web application. Generic web application best practices apply (like disabling http access to TeamCity at all). A compatible JRE version is bundled in the TeamCity .exe installer but needs to be installed separately when using other distributions. In version 3.3.1 of the TeamCity Plugin we added a new build runner that can be used to package and push your applications from TeamCity to Octopus. To modify this storage period, specify the number of days in the teamcity.audit.cleanupPeriod internal property (365 by default). For more information, see the Datadog documentation and blog post on the TeamCity Agent integration.

Be aware of the security implications when using Versioned Settings

TeamCity is used to build and test software products in an automated manner. It provides rapid feedback on every code change, reduces code integration problems, and leads to more effective teamwork. Many popular games, websites, banking systems, and all JetBrains products are built with TeamCity. In the end, Plastic SCM and TeamCity’s integration enables the worlds of software development, deployment, product management, QA and so on to converge and deliver its best.

  • This way the new server won’t get build artifacts and some other less important data.
  • Because the TeamCity events are tagged with the host name, you can click the Infrastructure tab on the event to view the host, then click on the host dashboard to view a detailed breakdown of the cluster’s health.
  • You will need to restore that backup, ensure the right locations are used for the Data Directory and the database and perform the TeamCity upgrade.
  • This way you can update the DNS entry to make the address resolve to the IP address of the new server and after all cached DNS results expire, all clients will automatically use the new server.
  • This agent becomes available to other builds, while the build continues running in the «agentless» mode.

As TeamCity does not support Sybase as an external database, a warning message will be displayed if you are using Sybase. The WebSocket protocol is used to get web UI updated for events, running builds updates and application performance monitoring ci cd statistics counters. TeamCity displays a notification on the availability of the new TeamCity version and a prompt to upgrade. A warning is displayed if any of the licenses are incompatible with this new version.

TeamCity Monitor

Also make sure to use OS-dependent firewall rules to disable incoming network access for your cloud agents. If you are using SSH keys to access your repositories, do not store them on your build agents. Instead, use TeamCity’s SSH Keys Management facilities and upload them to the TeamCity server. Make sure to always use the latest stable Operating System and Git version on your build agents. Depending on the settings used, TeamCity server (and agent) can establish HTTPS connections to other servers (e.g. Subversion). Depending on the server settings, those connections might fall back to using SSL 3.0 protocol.

teamcity monitoring

This section informs you on the Java installed on your server and the configured JVM options. See also the section below on moving the server from one machine to another. In case you want to preserve the original server as well as the copy, make sure to check the licensing considerations. Typically, you will need to unpack it and make the script perform the steps noted in this section. The TeamCity Server distributions include a Tomcat version tested to work fine with the current version.

How We Migrated Our Acceptance Tests to Use Synthetic Monitoring

After a build is triggered, it is placed into the build queue and is started when a compatible agent becomes available. After the build is finished, the build agent sends build artifacts to the server. The agent can be installed on a separate machine (physical or virtual, and it can run the same operating system (OS) as the server or a different OS.

teamcity monitoring

Each connection occupies a certain amount of memory, on both the TeamCity server and on the database side, so it’s not possible to have a very large number of connections. So, if you have 3 nodes in the TeamCity cluster, then there will be 150 database connections open to the database. We’re using the max() function for the number of started and finished builds. This is because every TeamCity node reports the same number for these metrics. Also note that both metrics are multiplied by 60 to provide measurements per minute.


The Server Health report contains results of the server inspection for any configuration issues which impact or could potentially impact the performance. Such issues, the so-called server health items, are collectively reported by TeamCity on the Server Health page in the Administration area. In a multi-node setup, it is possible to assign more than one node to process triggers. In this case, the triggers are divided among the nodes, and this reduces the delay of build triggering. In this section you can enable debug logging on the server and select the debug logging level.

Depending on your infrastructure, configuration, performance aspects, and so on. TeamCity enables you to write a plugin which will report on specific items. The report displays detected misconfiguration of the proxy server that is used to access the TeamCity web interface.

Time-limited access tokens

Where internalProxies must be replaced with the IP address of the Nginx or Apache proxy server. You should ensure max_connections parameter has bigger value than the one specified in TeamCity /config/ file. The database size and database performance are crucial aspects to consider.

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